Optical Services

In addition to offering the highest quality of service for both measuring and fitting of glasses and contact lenses, we also offer a distinctive collection of affordable fine eyewear.  Our doctor and staff spend a great deal of time with you to ensure that your glasses are customized for your eyes.

Imported Frames:

We are proud to offer unique lines of frames which will accent your face and individuality.  Brands such as etnia Barcelona, Zero G, and Tura are lines that are made in Spain, Japan, and France.  We also import the lines Fysh and Kliick from Denmark. 

Affordable Package Prices:

  • single vision
  • lined bifocals
  • progressives
  • imported digital lenses 
  • polarized lenses

Old frames:  Do you have a current pair of frames that you love?  We can update them with a new set of lenses! 

Sunwear: Protect your eyes from the damaging effects of UV rays.  We can make any pair of glasses (even your old ones) into sunglasses.

Return Policy: We stand behind our work and offer a 6 month return policy.


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At Alamo Ranch Eye, my visits are very enjoyable. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! They take good care of me and are very informative as to what they will do to me and they answer any questions I may have. I think very highly of Dr. Bui. I pass out her business cards to everyone I meet and tell them to go see her for an eye exam. Dr. Bui is extremely knowledgeable and when I got cataract surgery I was very impressed that Dr. Bui said a prayer with me before the surgery so I would feel more comfortable and less nervous. I am very happy with how the surgery went. I can see a lot better and I feel younger! I have no complaints, I am very pleased.

-Erneva Ansell